Uniforms and amenities made out of sheets and towels

Thiswasasheet.com gives hotel sheets and towels a new life by converting them into uniforms and hotel amenities. By re-using the otherwise wasted materials we give hotels the opportunity to help decrease the negative footprint of the hospitality industry on our planet.

In our collection, we combine sheets and towels with other natural materials such as linen, cotton, and coconut fibre. We give our customers the option to mix and match their personalised items, following the ethos and aesthetics of their company.

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towels-web Hotel towels

We have recycled approx 10.000 towels = 5.369 kg towels

sheets-web Hotel sheets

We have recycled approx 1.000 sheets = 513 kg sheets

Our Products

Uniforms, Slippers & Laundry bags made out of hotel sheets & towels

Let us show you our suggestions and feel free to ask us how to mix and match your personalized items, following the ethos and aesthetics of your company.

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